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nicole's story

When Covid shut down my Pittsburgh floral studio (Considering Flowers), I was encouraged to create fascinators for the Kentucky Derby by my childhood best friend and well-known KY equine artist, Melissa Crase.  Melissa posted my first fascinator, on Instagram, an orange and hot pink orchid combination, and boom!  My business was launched!  (Thanks, Melissa!)

I create floral fascinators using faux flowers and the trends in fashion and interior design to guide my color and fabric choices. I am known for adding a vintage flair to my pieces with antique buttons, ribbons, and artistic elements such as wire or hand painting. Currently, my pieces are sold at Bella Rose in Lexington, KY, Therapy on Main in Midway, KY.  I also do custom pieces for clients.

This year,  I received the honor of being a 2023 Semifinalist in the Keeneland Mercantile Master of Crafts Awards and will launch a wedding line of fascinators. 


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Fascinators can be purchased at Bella Rose in Lexington, KY, and Therapy on Main in Midway, KY, or by contacting me directly.


@NicoleBrackenMillinery on Instagram


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